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Our 5-step HEPA air filtration system purifies your air one layer at a time until you are left with fresh, crisp feeling air.



MJ Brunin Prefilter Diagram

Step 1

Carbon Prefilter

This filter is the first line of defense against poor indoor air quality. It starts by removing lint and large particles.





MJ Brunin True HEPA Diagram

Step 2

HEPA Filter

Our HEPA filters remove pollutants down to 0.3 micron in size. Learn more about particle sizes here.





MJ Brunin UVC Lamp Diagram

Step 3

Two Germicidal UVC Lamps

The UVC lamps zap and kill bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi & allergens.





MJ Brunin Photo Catalytic Filter Diagram  

Step 4

Photo Catalyric Oxidation (PCO) Filter

This removes volatile organic compounds, or "VOC's." Learn more about VOC's and other harmful pollutants.




MJ Brunin Carbon Potassium Permanganate VOC Filter Diagram

Step 5

Carbon/Potassium Permanganate VOC Filter

The last filter removes any remaining VOC's & light gases leaving nothing but clean, healthy air for you and your family.