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Our 5-in-1 HEPA offers the ultimate in air filtration and sterilization.

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The truth about indoor air quality

It’s no secret we’re confronted with air pollution everyday, but did you know what we face indoors is even worse? Our indoor air environment is 5 times more toxic than it’s outdoor counterpart, and Americans spend an average of 90 percent of their life indoors. The primary focus of a person trying to get healthier tends to be watching what they eat. Considering the average person takes over 20,000 breaths every day, controlling the air they breathe should be just as important.

We care about your air

Studies have linked airborne particle matter to Allergies, Asthma, Heart Disease, Flu, Anxiety, and even ADHD in Children. With 5 levels of protection, the CinQuartz HEPA Air Cleaner can handle all types of airborne pollutants:
Mold Spores & Bacteria
Chemicals like Benzene, Formaldehyde & Toluene
Allergens & Dust
Smoke from Tobacco or Fire

How we do it


1 — Carbon Prefilter

Removes lint and large particles


2 — HEPA Filter

Removes pollutants down to 0.3 micron


3 —  Two Germicidal UVC Lamps

Kills bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi & allergens


4 — Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Filter

Removes volatile organic compounds


5  — Carbon/Potassium Permanganate VOC Filter

Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & light gases


MJ Brunin How We Do It 5-in-1 True Hepa